Patient Charter

A Patient's Charter is a statement of how we operate and the standards of care we apply to all our patients. It defines our principles and standards ofexcellence we strive to maintain and improve on. To deliver excellence however, also requires your co-operation as a patient.It also defines your responsibilities.

Our Responsibilities
  • We will listen to your dental problems and try to give you an explanation and solution that you can easily understand.
  • We will follow the latest cross-infection guidelines. Your safety is our primary concern.
  • We will keep you informed of the latest techniques and up to date technology, using only the best materials available.
  • We will give you a clear and complete written estimate detailing your treatment and all available options.
  • We will do all we can to keep to appointment times because we understand that everybody's time is precious.
Your Responsibilities
  • Please respect our appointment times. Our time, like yours, is also important. If you are unable to do this to let us know as soon as possible.
  • To pay for treatment at the end of each visit as requested.
  • To look after the work that we provide for you with the techniques that we will teach you.
  • Please respect our dental team and staff as we respect you as a patient.
  • If you are happy with your visits then please recommend us to anyone you feel would benefit from the services we offer.
Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to common questions. To discuss a specific question or to talk with someone, please call reception on 01970 612581.

What Fees do you charge?

As well as publishing and displaying our price guide, we will always keep you informed of the cost of your treatment. Before starting a course of treatment we will give you a written estimate of the treatment (including what treatment is to be one at which appointment) and a detailed breakdown of the charges. See our current fees here.

What do I do if I have an emergency?

During normal working hours, please contact the practice by phone and our reception staff will be able to offer you an appointment, We aim to see all people with a dental emergency on the day you phone. On weekends and bank holidays, please phone the practice, and our answer machine will give you the instructions on how to access our emergency dental cover. See how to make an emergency appointment here.

How Do I become a patient?

It couldn’t be easier, just contact us by email, phone or letter, and we will be able to arrange an appointment to suit you. We will also send you our information pack along with a medical questionnaire and ‘Smile analysis form’ for you to complete. The cost of an initial consultation is £65.00. (including any x-rays that you may need.) To find out more, email us here.

What treatments do you offer?

We are able to offer a very comprehensive range of treatments using the latest technique and the wide range of experience of our dental team.

Our fundamental aim is preventative dental care often using the services of our hygienists, but if treatment is needed, you can be assured that we are able to offer you the best treatment available and importantly, we will listen to your aims and concerns prior to discussing all the options available to you.

We do have extensive experience within the practice in more advanced treatments including implants, extensive oral rehabilitation, bleaching techniques and 'smile design' cosmetic treatment. See details of treatments here.

What to do if I want to change my Denplan practice?

Contact your current Denplan practice and ask them to complete the Patient Leaving form for you. Denplan do advise a final appointment with the dentist, because if you have any outstanding treatment when you visit your new dentist, you will be charged privately to have this completed.

Call Denplan on 0800 401 402 once you are ready to cancel the contract you hold with your current dentist.

Contact Portland Street Dental & Implant Practice and arrange your new patient consultation. Please do tell our reception staff that you are a Denplan patient. At the appointment, you will need to complete an application form and sign the new Denplan contract with your dentist, as well as present your Leaving Form.

How can I leave feedback about my visit?

Whether positive or negative, we at Portland Street Dental & Implant Practice appreciate any feedback our patients offer. To leave us feedback or view our complaints procedure please visit the contact us page here.